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Basic Christian Life

Week 10 – Bible Study

Studying scripture is an integral part of the Christian life. It is important for Bible-believers to be self-feeders when it comes to the Word of God. Some never become mature in scripture because they never gain the skills to study scripture.

Week 9 – The Holy Spirit

The doctrine of the trinity sets Christianity apart from every other world religion. God exists in three persons. We see this reality early on in Scripture. The work of the Holy Spirit can be confusing to many. We’ll look at four important concepts on the role of the Holy Spirit.

Week 8 – Assurance of Salvation

If you really want to live the Christian life, and experience the life of Christ, you have to have assurance of your salvation. Most believers are going to struggle with this issue of assurance at some point. Satan is a master of doubt, but God wants us to live in assurance.

Week 7 – Temptation

Temptation is an ever-occurring problem in the Christian Life. For some reason, I had this expectation that when I became a Christian, I would become perfect. Certainly with sanctification, we get to the place where we experience victory in this area. However, there is no perfection until the resurrection.

Week 6 – Trials

If you want to know how to live the Christian life well, you need biblical truth to help you face trials. Hardship in life is inevitable. Throughout scripture, those whom were used greatly were tried greatly.

Week 5 – The Church (Part 2)

Christianity is not a religions of rules, it is a religion of relationship. But, there are two acts of worship we should participate in regularly. In this lesson, we discuss baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Week 4 – The Church (Part 1)

In order to be Christ-followers, we need to have a solid, scripture awareness considering the Church. The church exists to give glory to Jesus. It is not a building, it is a people who are made to make Jesus known on earth.

Week 3 – Prayer

Prayer has been likened to spiritual breathing. Prayer is one of the ways that we receive spiritual nourishment and encouragement from the Lord. Many Christians are gasping for their spiritual breath. We’ll give you 4 action steps to help you make prayer an actualized value in your life.

Week 2 – The Bible

In order to be a strong Christ follower, you need to know some truth about the Bible. The Bible is a book unlike any other book. Most books are given for mere information, the Bible is given for life transformation. The pathway to spiritual growth travels through the pages of the Bible.

Week 1 – The Gospel

The Gospel simply means “good news.” It is a fitting designation for the message concerning Jesus. This lesson will go over basic truths of the Gospel, and give you tips to help you share the Gospel.

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