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Basic Prayer

Week 10 – Staying Fresh in Prayer

Prayer is something Scripture clearly tells us to do. Unfortunately, sometimes prayer becomes stale. When that happens, we will be less likely to pray. We need Biblical insight to help keep prayer fresh.

Week 9 – Prayer as a Way of Life

Prayer can be likened to a gym membership at the beginning of the year. Christians sometimes make a new commitment to prayer. However, after a short season, it’s easy to fizzle out. Prayer should become a way of life.

Week 8 – Prayer: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

We’ve looked at scripture in a topical fashion to see what the Bible says about prayer. In this session, we want to have a practical approach to prayer. We need some practical things to implement prayer in our daily lives.

Week 7 – Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory prayer is regularly mentioned in scripture. You can learn a lot about prayer, but if you never tap into intercessory prayer, you will never experience the power and the presence of God that is available through prayer.

Week 6 – Prayer: Delight or Drudgery

Spending time in prayer is something that we should look forward to. It should excite us, and not be a dreadful time. This is at the heart of developing a strong prayer life.

Week 5 – Keep on Praying

There is a need for disciples to learn to not give up in prayer. Prayer can be one of those things that we sometimes make a fresh commitment to, but we fail to stick to that commitment. In this lesson, we focus on how to keep on praying.

Week 4 – Breaking Down Barriers to Prayer

In our Christian experience, we sometime have barriers to our prayer life. As a result, we become prayerless. If we want to experience the life of God, we have to learn to break down the barriers to prayer in our life.

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